TCA Bylaws

Bylaws of the Tennis Collectors of America
Name and Structure
• The official name of the organization shall be the Tennis Collectors of America (hereafter called TCA) and it shall be established as a non-profit corporation.

• To promote tennis collecting and the history of tennis through an ongoing exchange among members utilizing a TCA web site, published media and meetings.

• Founding members will be admitted by paying a premium dues amount of $100.00 for 2004 prior to the initial establishment of the Board of Directors (hereafter called the Board) and by paying annual dues thereafter.
• Regular members will be admitted on an ongoing basis by paying annual dues.
• Honorary members may be admitted without dues obligations by nomination by any member in good standing and by Board approval with a two-thirds majority. Such members shall not be granted voting privileges.
• Founding and regular members shall have equal status within the TCA with both being granted voting privileges on any matter placed before the membership.
• Membership shall only be on an annual basis and based on the calendar year.
• Lifetime membership numbers will be assigned in chronological order according to the date that initial dues were received.
• Membership dues not paid in full within the first 60 days of the calendar year will result in cancellation of membership and loss of membership number.
• The Board retains the right to revoke membership privileges without reimbursement by a two-thirds majority vote for conduct deemed harmful to the TCA.
• Membership is open to residents of all countries.
• Memberships are available for individuals & organizations.
• Organization members are entitled to have one contact person to represent their organization, vote on TCA matters, and receive all TCA correspondence to share with others in the organization.

• Annual dues amount shall be determined by the Board and shall be $30.00 for 2006.
• Dues are not refundable and shall not be pro-rated.


Use Of TCA Member List
•Use of the TCA mailing list shall be limited to use by TCA members for noncommercial mailings only & for official TCA business.
•Use of the TCA member email addresses & telephone numbers for unsolicited commercial contact is prohibited.

Board of Directors
• The Board shall consist of nine members who, after 2004, shall be nominated and elected by the general membership. The Board shall annually elect the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of the TCA from its members. No board member shall hold the same officer’s position for more than two consecutive terms.
• The Board will have nine seats and, initially, will be comprised of five Organizing Committee seats, which will consist of two 3 year terms, two 2 year terms and one 1 year term. These term lengths shall be assigned by lottery. The other four Board seats will be filled by Founding Members and will consist of one 3 year term, one 2 year term and two 1 year terms. Elected term lengths will be assigned according to number of votes received with the higher number receiving the longer term. Any ties will be decided by a coin flip. All Board seats elected in subsequent years shall be for three year terms and shall be open to all members in good standing. No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms nor shall family members serve on the Board concurrently.
• Board terms shall always begin on January 1st, except when a Board seat is assumed from another in mid term.
• For subsequent Board elections, nominations shall be solicited by the newsletter and may be submitted in writing to the President by any member in good standing by October 15 of each year in which an election occurs. Terms will always begin on January 1 of the next calendar year.
• The Board shall be granted full powers to direct all affairs of the organization, as well as the disbursement of funds without liability, except in cases of malfeasance.
• The Board may vote on issues electronically or in person with a simple majority required for passage, unless otherwise stated in the bylaws. Electronic votes may be verified at any time at the discretion of any board member.
• A quorum of seven board members shall be required for electronic voting and a quorum of six board members shall be required at a scheduled in person meeting.
• To determine the number of votes needed to reach a two-thirds majority, any fraction shall be rounded to the next higher number.
• In the event of a tie Board vote that requires a simple majority, the issue shall be determined by the position of the President’s vote.
• The Board may elect at any time by a two-thirds vote to place issues of importance to a vote by the general membership. Such a vote shall require a simple majority vote by the membership to pass.
• Directors and officers may resign by submitting written notice to the Board. Vacancies created by resignation, expulsion or death shall be filled for the remaining term from board nominations by a simple majority vote of the remaining board members.
• Any board member or officer may be removed after due consideration by a two-thirds majority vote of the other board members. All other eight board members must vote on this issue for passage.
• The Treasurer of the TCA shall establish a dual signature checking account and make no disbursements without the approval of the President. Monthly bank statements and TCA bookkeeping shall be made available to the entire Board.
• These bylaws may be amended or expanded as the need arises by a vote of the Board with a two-thirds majority required for changes to be enacted.

• Should the TCA dissolve as an organization, any and all remaining funds, after meeting the organization’s financial responsibilities, shall be donated to the Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island, with the funds designated for acquisitions.