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2019 New & Renewal Membership

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  1. Are you a dealer as well as a collector? Yes_________ No__________
  2. Are you willing to provide an article for the TCA Journal?_______Subject_________
  3. Are you willing to help plan TCA activities, such as our annual meeting?___________
  4. Are you willing to have your name and address included on our published membership list, which is only made available to other members?________
  5. Do you have an acquaintance who may be interested in joining the TCA? If so, please provide their name, address and email address and we will contact them.


Three membership levels

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  • New________Renew________

(b) Basic Member: $30 ________________

(c) Contributing: $50__________________

(d) Sustaining Member: $100____________

Make check payable to: Tennis Collectors of America, and send to:

Becky Desmond, 347 Manor Ave., Downingtown, PA 19335


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Annual Membership begins January 1.


Thank you for your support of the Tennis Collectors of America