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2019 Annual Meeting

Tennis Collectors of America – Annual Meeting New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club To pre-pay for registration and activities, please see this page. Please fill out and mail the registration form. You may either include payment with the form, or use PayPay, but either way, be sure to print and mail…

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Book on Pirelli Tennis Balls

Dalle “ballette” alle Pirelli. La storia delle palline da tennis italiane The Italian Tennis Collectors Association (Associazione Collezionisti Tennis – ACT) has recently published an interesting book that tells the story of Italian tennis balls. Many of the Pirelli images used on are with the permission of the ACT’s…

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Why Join TCA?

Subscription to “The Journal of the Tennis Collectors of America”, a periodic Journal with articles on collecting, research, and the history of tennis. Networking with hundreds of other collectors who have an interest in American tennis history and memorabilia, including names and addresses of these individuals. Obtain information on regional…

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Welcome to the TCA



Welcome to the Home Page of Tennis Collectors of America

The TCA was organized in the fall of 2003 by Ken Benner, Jeanne Cherry, Randy Crow, Mike Eden, Greg Wilt and Priscilla Wilt. An additional 54 members contributed time or finances to help found the TCA. A nine person Board of Directors with term limits was elected from the Founding members to lead the organization. The purpose of the TCA is to promote tennis collecting and the history of tennis through an ongoing exchange among members utilizing a TCA website, published media and meetings. The TCA has 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation status.