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Jeanne Cherry Tennis Collection Auction

Morphy Auctions, a leading antiques auction destination specializing in fresh-to-the-market collections, is pleased to announce the sale of the Jeanne Cherry Collection of Tennis Antiques during its two-day summer Fine Art, Asian and Antiques auction on August 29-30. For more details see: Jeanne Cherry (1932-2017) was a well-known collector…

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A Brief History of Tennis Balls & Containers

An advertisement from 1905 reads: “The game that quickens the eye, steadies the hand, and sets the whole body tingling with a delightful exhilaration, depends on the ball.”                                  

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Collecting Tennis

Collecting tennis memorabilia can be challenging, fun, and rewarding. Discovering a tennis treasure, whether it is a postcard one doesn’t have, or a Victorian garden umpire chair, thrills the true collector. Tennis memorabilia, compared to that of golf and baseball, is relatively undervalued, allowing collectors with modest budgets to build…

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Welcome to the TCA



Welcome to the Home Page of Tennis Collectors of America

The TCA was organized in the fall of 2003 by Ken Benner, Jeanne Cherry, Randy Crow, Mike Eden, Greg Wilt and Priscilla Wilt. An additional 54 members contributed time or finances to help found the TCA. A nine person Board of Directors with term limits was elected from the Founding members to lead the organization. The purpose of the TCA is to promote tennis collecting and the history of tennis through an ongoing exchange among members utilizing a TCA website, published media and meetings. The TCA has 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation status.